String instrument setup, repair and sound adjustment services are available at Vivace Violins. Our professional in-house luthiers work with violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Vivace Violins strives to be your one-stop string specialist – from the sale of new instruments, bows and strings to adjustments and repairs.

In-House Instrument Setup Service

Every String instrument sold at Vivace Violins comes with a professional setup. A setup of a Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass is vital to the playability of your new instrument. Vivace Music String instrument setup includes:

  • Shaping the curve and height of the bridge. This is vital as an instrument that has an incorrectly or unfitted bridge will often be difficult and sometimes almost impossible to play
  • Fitting the pegs for ease of use and stability of tuning
  • Adjusting the nut height and grooves for ease of playing and tuning, and to fit strings without damaging them
  • Soundpost adjustment for optimal tone quality
  • Proper Tailpiece and chin rest fitting
  • Inspection of all structural features of the instrument

Bow Rehairing

We offer bow rehairs for violin, viola, cello and bass using premium quality hair. Rehairing your bow can bring back its response and power, and is recommended regularly for advancing players and professionals!


Our experienced violin luthiers offer restoration work on antique & contemporary instruments. Whether it’s a bit of a relic or a modern gem,
we love to bring instruments needing some attention back to life.


Sometimes, an instrument may have found itself in the unfortunate situation where it needs repair. Not to worry, crack repairs, varnish work and fitting of replacement parts can all be cared for in the workshop.

Sound Refresh Package

Over time, instruments can become dull or lackluster in their sound production. The most common causes include old strings, aging bridges and sound posts, and dirt gathering on the instrument. A sound refresh package includes a new bridge, soundpost, cleaning & minor varnish work with polishing. This is designed to get the most out of your instrument and have it sounding its best again! We recommend you choose a new set of strings to fit also.

Clean, Polish & Varnish Touch Up

Although we all know we should clean our instruments regularly, the reality is sometimes it slips by us! If your instrument isn’t displaying
its varnish and timber with the radiance it once did, maybe it’s time for some cleaning. We also offer varnish touch up for instruments showing wear


Adrian Petrino


Adrian has been immersed in the world of classical music from an early age. First as a violinist, then as an Education Queensland teacher, and now for over 15 years as a luthier.

He completed his apprenticeship in Hungary with the Cremonese school, where he made multiple violins and learnt many important making and restoring techniques.

His passion is for the musician. He loves to bring the best out of an instrument, whether it be the sound, or the overall health of the instrument. Often much to the surprise of the owner, Adrian can restore a vibrant sound to an instrument that has become lackluster. 

A healthy instrument usually means a happy player!

Adrian is skilled at repairs, restorations, set ups and bow rehairs.


Benjamin Greig

Having played violin from the age of 5, he has always had music close to his heart.

After starting employment in a violin shop several years ago, he quickly found his passion in working closely with the instruments.

He loves to see instruments respected and appreciated. Whether it’s restorations to help get something playing again, or a new set up to bring vibrancy back to an instrument, his attitude is the same.

Ben has trained under Adrian Petrino’s teaching as a luthier.